Community Work

All throughout my life I’ve found enjoyment giving to people out of the kindness of my heart. Whether it was food, shoes, or money I always wanted to help people with whatever they needed or wanted. I’ve decided to take the profits that I gain from my clothing brand and focus on giving back to the community. A few things we will be doing is feeding the homeless, handing out important supplies to the homeless, throwing free giveaway events for the kids, and much more. 

I’m proud to announce that our first brand event went better than planned. All throughout the week so many questions were going through my mind. Did I pass out enough flyers? Did I advertise the event enough on social media? Would anybody show up? So many worries, and the only thing I could do was pray about it. God answered my prayers and gave me a turnout I could only dream of. 30 minutes prior to the start of the event, all of the parking spots at the front of the building were filled. I walked into the building to where all the supporters were waiting, and saw more people than I could count. There were so many people there that I had to close the doors from letting anyone in before the event started! Seeing all those kids faces light up with joy, and hearing appreciative words from the parents really touched my heart. I promise this was not our last event, I’ve already started to plan bigger and better things for 2023. I wanna thank all the people who came to support us, and all the families that allowed us the chance to bless them.