God's Purpose

My name is William Laffitte and I’m the owner of B Dub clothing brand. The idea of starting a clothing brand never came for personal reasons, the idea came to me once I started putting in effort to gain a better relationship with God. My journey gaining a better relationship with God started in 2020 after I graduated high school. In-person church was canceled for awhile due to covid and I never went to virtual church via zoom. I grew up in church but I didn’t have a personal connection with church. All my younger years I’d go just because my parents made me, I would learn a couple things on Sunday morning then forget about them as soon as I left, and I would say the same prayer everyday before dinner and that would be it. My only goal at the beginning of 2020 was to gain a closer relationship with God and I felt going back to church on my own would help me reach that goal. Once I started going back to church ideas randomly would come to my head. The two ideas that I could start right now were creating a clothing brand, and writing a novel, and those ideas led me to where I am today. I will take some credit because I had to put a lot of late nights into this, I made a lot of sacrifices, I had to develop a lot of uncomfortable habits, I had to do a lot of research, and I had to take a lot of risks. However, God made all this possible. I closed my eyes and let him lead the way with everything. The idea of photoshoots, business cards, pop up emails, puffer jackets, signature jacket designs and more was all him. I never sat down and drew up designs, everything that you see on my website was an idea from him that I wrote down so I could remember. Honestly, I didn’t want to include this section when I first created my website because I didn’t want it to look like I was using his name to get sales but this is his creation! I have to share what he did for me, I have to show that I’m not afraid to praise him in public when I know he’s my everything in private, and this is just the beginning of using the ideas he gave me. He’s given me so many ideas and the more I execute them the more ideas he gives. If you made it this far to this section I want to thank you for reading this far and I want to encourage you to gain a stronger relationship with God. My way was going to church but yours doesn’t have to be, it can be as simple as a deep meaningful prayer.